This post is part of a series of snapshots taken from the analyses of what is likely the only ever census of MMA fights (enuMMA17). Please see the table of contents for an up to date list of available instalments.

Acquisitive Growth

The UFC's history bears similarity to the career of a well managed fighter. Serious contenders are met early. Before they have the experience, market share etc. to be a real threat. Again the timing of the transactions appears to be brilliant. No faulting the business acumen.

fig 01: 'UFC' Acquisitions

It would appear that acquisition has been a large part of the UFC's growth.

Whilst we are reffering to these as UFC acquisitions, that is not entirely true. The Fratita brothers, at the time owners of Zuffa (the UFC holding company) & Zuffa made the acquisitions.

Next time we'll be taking a snapshot of some of the pay-per-view numbers.

- mec